Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What a crazy weekend

I had a shoot Saturday morning and a wedding in the afternoon/evening Then I flew out of Vegas Saturday Night at 9:30 (barely making my flight) I was picked up at the airport by the Dyers. We drove to Oceanside were we met Justin and the kids. Justin decided that last minute he was going to head out to Cali to spend time with us all. I did family pictures for the Dyers on the beach Sunday and Newborn pictures of their sweet little Tessa on Monday plus we spent half of a day at Legoland. We headed back home around 7:30, got home around 1:30 and woke up to start another busy work week! I wonder why our life feels so crazy sometimes! But we had a lot of fun so all in all it was worth the sporadic-ness of it all!

Yep this is the first thing she does, squats and gets dirty, there is no stoppin her!

Moo and Sassy Pants
Bubba running from the waves
I hate the Justins hand in on my tummy like i am prego, it really bugs me BUT I love love love the kids in this shot!
I had this idea for a while, I had originally wanted the reflection in the sand but this worked too!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pics from Colorado

In our Hotel room after our spa day
We had to stop and get pics of us rawking our 80's style (side ponytail and the huge sunglasses)
These really are not in focus I messed up the shot...oh well!
Theres my honey!

80 hr weeks

Yep that is what I have been pulling, it sounds like I am exaggerating but I am not look at my typical day....
8:00 Wake up Get Kase to School
9:00 Work on editing until 1st shoot
3:00 Photoshoot
5:00 Photoshoot #2
7:30 pick up kids
8:00 Dinner, homework and reading
9:00 Bedtime Lay in bed with each of my kids and listen to their stories from the day
9:15 Finish up editing
2:00 or 3:00 go to bed
next day start all over
I FINALLY hired on some help. My good friend Lisa is going to help me out until the winter rush is over and my niece is working twice a week for me also. It is SO nice to have help because I can't keep up! I feel like I am running my business horribly so I hope this helps!

Monday, October 8, 2007

We are heading out for much need "US" time

When we get too much work and we both start to want to kill each other so Justin and I are heading to Colorado for "US" time. Our last big trip together was to Hawaii which was over a year ago so I can't wait! Originally Justin wanted to go to New York but after my DC trip I could not handle another "walking vacation." A told him all I wanted to do was sit in hotel room, I don't want to go anywhere, see anything, do anything. I want to have a couple days of nothing. He decided to book spa treatments for us also, so we are getting massages, wraps and facials. What a cool husband to go and get a facial just to spend time with his wife. He is too good to me! Here is a picture of the resort we are going too. There better not be snow on the ground when we get there!! Don't you rememeber I HATE snow!

After our little getaway We are heading to Glendwood Springs for Senior pictures, My SIL has some senior boys lined up for me to photograph and I can't wait. I have all of these ideas for senior guys just no willing participants!
Be back in a week!~Kell

Macie's New Hair clips

I get into these little addictive patterns where I buy a lot of one thing. It is ALMOST an obsession, say almost because I am not yet willing to admit that it is a problem :) What I do is i'll buy lots of hair products, or canned food, or shoes or whatever. Even though I have plenty of canned corn, everytime I go to the store I will buy more canned corn. I have to get more. It is a wird little thing I do I guess...seriously this is turning out to be a long long story for such simple pictures!

Anyways my addiction this time is hair bows, and clips. I can't even begin to think what I have spent on hair stuff for Moo Moo but these little clips are totally adorable. I got them at Chloe in Style the link is in the sidebar under Shopping------>

Oh and that chair...I picked that beauty up at the Brigham City DI! Saaaweet! :)

A little Day trip

I can't believe that less then a hour away from us there is freakin snow on the ground! It is totally retarded. I hate snow, I hate the cold, I am such a grouch when it comes to all this cold crap! Do I sound bitter? Well it is because I am, I wanted to go for a drive to get some good Fall pictures of my kids but when we get there, there is snow on the ground, the kids are cold, I am cold, my feet have snow on them because I wear flip flops year round...yeah not what I expected!

" Fine if your not going to smile do SOMETHING!"

Check out this cool bus, We are totally coming back when it is not so freakin cold!Proof that my toes are cold!
BUT Justin did make us all laugh with the band aid on his butt, FYI he was peeing when I took the shot! hehehe!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Crazy couple of weeks

I feel like I am treading water, I am barely able to keep my head above the water. Justin is working out of town for this entire month, I am crazy booked with work and I get to manage the kids, the bills, the house all by myself. I don't know how I am going to last the entire month. I am already over worked, already stressed. yuck I am just not looking forward to it all! I guess the only perk is that I get to sleep without any interruptions. No one elbows me, or "snuggles" up to me with a little surprise in their pants at night. So for that I am totally happyto hold down the fort while he is gone!