Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mac @ 4

Is the most tenderhearted , sweet natured kid
Is a perfectionist and bawls when things don't go right
Super fast runner
Is finally potty trained!

Thinks its funny when he hides...the more I panic the more he giggles until I find him

Squishes his face up when he is thinking about something

 He is devastated when he gets into trouble
Has the cutest little turned in foot
Loves to be outside
He changes his outfit at least 3x a day
Best buddies with Kambrie
...he calls her Kamie Jo
Favors his Daddy, goes everywhere with him
Very sensitive
Hates jeans or pants of any kind
Idealizes he brother Kase, Sleeps in the same bed and tickles his back while he sleeps
Has the best laugh.....its more like a squeal
Still loves his little lego guys, ninjas and all little characters