Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mac-2yr Recap

Mac turned 2 the day after Christmas and what a perfect little Christmas surprise he has been. This year has brought a lot of first for him. We are getting use to having babies in the house again, and loving watching him grow up and change into a little person.

In January
he started walking
became a Big Brother

likes TV a little bit if its Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
turns everything into a sword

moved to a new house and into his own room
walks around with binkies on his fingers
"loves" his sister   

has greeny yellow eyes
loves our kitties
finally is sleeping through the night

has plop down, kick and scream fits
loves baseball, soccer....any ball period

babysat a puppy for a week
says shhhhhhhhh

fell asleep in the shower

is officially attached to one blanket

 Had lunch with Ken

 still hates his pictures taken if he has to hold still

in his daddies shadow
 doesn't talk much but stands on the porch and yells "Kaaaaaase!"

is a money stealer

is a messy eater, once he is board with eating food, it goes everywhere
 pooped on the potty a couple times
LOVES baseball! and smiled for a picture!!

started cheesing it for pics
pulls you by the finger to show you what he wants

still takes a bottle
loves to help me work
grew out the Mohawk for the justin beiber hair
Waits for my packages from my photo lab and fights the older kids for the sucker that comes with them. 

says all kinds of words now, up, down, more, milk, no, yeaaaah, ambrie (kambrie) acie (macie), of course Kase,Daddy and Mommy, puppy, mine, some, two, lets go, tree,football, baseball, luv you,

Happy birthday Macaroni. I am soooo happy you are in our lives and apart of our little family!