Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do they look alike???

I use to think that she looked like Justins family but I am not so sure now!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Scrappy Pgs

I just want to get my year all caught I finished up some straggler pages.
Crab Shack in MarylandThankful for you, Macies Pg

Play dough

Remembrance Wall in DC

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am really not THAT skinny...

Justin said "Kell I think you went to far this time...." Seriously I have photoshop...I suck things in! So fine I will so you what I really look like :)
Original picture
Edited/Skinny One

But I have been losing weight, 15lbs so far. I am going to Weight No More and getting Vitamin B Shots which are fabulous! I have tons of energy and this is the first nutrition plan that I have stuck to. I really love it! Anyway if you are local give Amy a call!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


...I just got back from SLC. My sister had to audition for this salon that she has been "training" at for 9 months. It was a huge deal, she had to have invites, food, take home presents, decorations and 5 hair models. I volenteered & got to be purple. It is kinda cool having weird hair, I have never done this before. Going brown was risky for me....and yep it's purple.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Some of Kaser....

Luckly, I didn't have to bribe him as much as Macie! He just lost of of his front teeth and I wanted to catch him before his "funky teeth" grow in!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just call me Evil...

I have a family member, one who has also had strong harsh opinions about my life and the way I live it. They had a family council about me and my hair. I am their example to their children on how not to be, how wrong I am. "Heavenly Father wouldn't approve of her hair." I have to say I am quite offend about it, I didn't expect them to like it or to even understand why I did it BUT to have discussions about whether I am a good person or not based on my appearance pisses me off. I makes me mad for obvious reasons but there is more to it.
I have avoided this topic for along time. Maybe because it is just too personal, maybe because of the judgements, maybe because of both. It is something I need to write about for me, to explain things to myself, and to remember what I have been feeling and why. I feel kinda like I'm having a mid-life crisis or more like I am rethinking me. A lot of my own choices and circumstances have majorly contributed to all of this but what it comes down it was I haven't been happy. I haven't been happy for a long time. I finally got tired of being the victim and I have started doing stuff about it.

One of the major things for me was rethinking my involvement in the church I belong to. Justin has never been motivated to go to church, I guess he believes, he just doesn't care to go or to follow the principles. It has always been a battle, we have never been on the same page and I went for 5 yrs by myself. I finally felt like it wasn't worth fighting for anymore. I just couldn't do, I couldn't be the only one caring. I went back to the basics, my basic beliefs and started thinking do I really believe all of the things I have been taught? No! I have followed it because it was expected of me and I was so tired of being a screw up I was desperate to do anything to please my parents. What happened is that I started becoming one of those church members I had despised growing up, judgemental, critical, hypocritical. I really did not like who I was and I can't be that person anymore. So I stepped back and decided that I could be a better person without the church. And I could be a good person without all of the other stuff. Now it is not like I am bitter or anti, I just have needed to reevaluate my heart and my intentions.

Some of my family has strongly emphasized that I am just not feeling the spirit, that if I went to church that I would believe. What is weird is that I am a much better Mom and our marriage relationship is sooo my better. I am happier then I have ever been. Just by taking the pressure of perfection out I feel better. I like the way I view things and I like me. I will always believe in God, and I will teach my kids that but the rest of it....who knows!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Shots from our House

I am finally posing pictures of all the projects I have been working on... I wish I could have gotten better pictures but my house does not have good light! I did get to used my new wide angle lens, it is amazing!

Our bedroom thingy, Justin made this a while back but I never posted any pics....

The bed and wall decor...finally put stuff up on the walls since the amore is done Kases Wall Pottery Barn Wall unit...It looks all weird in this picture but is really purdy in person. I was so freakin heavy, I dont look forward to moving it out of his room...
I have actually finished a room, this is a major accomplishment in my life. I usually have an idea for a room and I start buying things. I will buy anything I find that matches the theme, but until I feel like I have everything I keep it in a closet. I usually lose interest because it takes too long and I never actually complete my idea. So this time I stuck to it, it took me 2 years to get everything for his room but it is cool is that!

Finally Macies Amore', it has this antique finished on it that is just cool, I have not completed her room so there is nothing else to show but this is a huge step in finishing it because it is a major focal point. I also need to get nobs for the drawers ....but it is pretty much finished!