Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day Eight

Monday March 19th, 2012
Woke up at 6:00, Kase has been puking and it is blood. Lots of blood. He is sitting up and hurting. He pukes again and his heart rate is racing. He throws up 700 cc's of blood which is an entire stomach full. The nurses look nervous and someone comes in and tells me that things are going to get really serious. That he is losing too much blood and a lot of people are going to be rushing around. I sit on the bed and send out a couple texts to my Mom, Dad and Justin and just watch. A couple of the clients are nurses to help. Nice to see familiar faces. The give him meds, call a code purple, rush blood over.
He is crawling out of his skin, scared, disoriented. He calls for me and I sit with him and rub his hair and hold his hand. The Dr comes in and decides that he needs another surgery. They decide to do a scope down his throat to find and cauterize the suspected ulcer. He is stabilized and I call Mom and cry. Tell her what happens and she has already got work off to watch the babies, (so soo so thankful for my Mom's help). Call Dad and call Justin. Then I go back in his room, wait and keep a close eye on him. I ride back to the other hospital and sit with him in the OR. I get to kiss and tell him good bye. They wheel him back do the surgery, remove his drain and add a PICC line. There are talks of life flight and heading to Primary Children's Hospital. Surgery takes about 85 mins. We are told everything went well but that to be safe they would like to fly Kase up to Primary's because the hospital doesn't have a PEDS ICU. 

They didn't even know if they would let him in the ICU here, so he sits in the recovery for as long as possible.We were able to at least see him for awhile in the recovery .  He is sleepy and pale. They had to give him more blood in surgery.
I had Justin go get the kids, so I could say good bye. Macie is having a really hard time, she just collapsed in my arms and bawled for 30 mins. She wants us home, wants Kase not sick. This is breaking my heart.
I go back in the ICU, he looks so worn out and skinny. For whatever reason they didn't start a PICC line like they said. There is a line started in his neck called a IJ Line. They have to pull it back and he screams and sobs for an hour.

The life flight team arrives and prepares him to leave, they have to transport us to the airport via Ambulance (ride #3)

 Kase sleeps threw most of it

 By 630pm we were on the plane flying up to primary's. He had great nurses on the fight they were s fun to talk to and keep my mind off of things. I ended up finally falling asleep for 30 mins and woke up just in time to see the city before we landed :)

We were tranported via ambulance (#4) to Primary Childrens Hospital
 We landed, he was settled in his room by 8:30. I listened to the drs talk about his condition and learn that the ulcer was a really large one that wasn't cauterized but clipped and took along time to to stop the bleeding. Not sure why the Dr didnt just tell me that in the first place??

The rest of the night was uneventful. Justin drove up through a snow storm to be with us, It took 6 hrs instead of 4 to get up there. I am so glad he is here, I am emotional and physically drained.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day Seven

Sunday March 18th, 2012
 They started a new IV today, Kase has such thick skin it is a miserable process.
 They are trying to stregthen his lungs because of all the laying down his body is becoming tired and losing its muscle density.

Kase did eat some was the best pasta ever.

Kase is weak and tired. Still in pain, still vomiting and diarrhea. Earlier in the day he stood up to go the bathroom, passed out and passed a lot of bloody poo.

They talk about a blood transfusion because he has lost a lot of blood. He got 2 bags of blood and 2 bags of plasma this evening and sleeps off and on on throughout the night. I laid in bed with him tonight, tickled his arms and just held him. I am sad he is not himself. He is quiet and sleeping a lot. It seems like its been longer then it should for him to get better. I hope we get to go home tomorrow.

Day Six

Saturday March 17th, 2012
He is feeling weak and light headed when he stands. He is in a lot of pain but it comes on sharp, fast and its gone. They are not sure what is going on but think that he might still have an infection.  He is taken back for a CAT scan to look at his belly and see if there is an infection. It came back looking normal with only a small amount of infection. Not sure why he is in pain still.

Grandpa Buxton came into and gave him a blessing. Hes been sleeping a lot today.

Day Five

Friday, March 16th 2012

Blue Angels came to visit and he told them he doesn't really like airplanes lol.

 He doesn't feel like walking and the throwing up is getting worst. They start a new IV because it seems the other one is going bad. He rolled over and told us he was sorry this was costing so much. sigh. What little boy even thinks  about that. bless his sick little heart.

Day Four

Thursday March 15th, 2012
 Uneventful other then walking, black poo, sitting up and an all day marithon of Phines and Ferb. His drain is clearer today. Nasty little thing.
 Pain is getting worst, the morphine is not working and he rolls around in bed crying alot. Its hard to watch. I feel helpless. They started having him drink apple juice ,

once he did that without puking they gave him lowertab. That has helped alot.

Day Three

Weds March 15th, 2012

Kase is reluctantly sitting up today, we bribed him with books! He is having a hard time keeping anything down and doesn't have much of an appetite. He also has really black poo. He is in so much pain he just sits on the toilet and shakes. It is heartbreaking. Hoping things get better. They had him walk twice today. He hates it. It wears him out.

Day Two

Tuesday March 14th, 2012

 The kids came into see him. Macie was really quiet and then lashed out at us. She is trying to find her place in this all and trying to find away to understand what happened.

He has been in a lot of pain but the nurses seem to keep up on it fairly good. They want him getting up only to pee. His drain is bothering him and he is weak. He had the best Popsicle ever today :) But threw it up right after. I am hoping tomorrow is better.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Day One-Kases Surgery

Monday March 13th, 2012
 After a weekend of side aches , throwing up and fevers. Justin took Kase into the Dr while I went to a business meeting. They ran a test and saw his white blood cells were very high. It was most likely his appendix. They sent him directly over to the hospital, the Dr came in and explained that we could do a CT scan to see if it was an appendix or just do the surgery because either way he was going to need to go in for surgery. By 4:00 pm he was prepped for surgery . Bekah met us at the hospital and took the babies home.

They came in at 6, I gave him a kiss and he was wheeled away. We met with the Dr at 7:30. He told us the surgery went well, that it had ruptured and that they got him cleaned out really good. We were told he had a drain for the infection in his belly.

We were taken back to see him and they got him ready for an ambulance ride to the other hospital and the PEDS floor. He is sore and tired tonight. We have a room with two beds so I am sleeping in the same room. Hope he can come home soon, but the quite night at the hospital is a nice change from home. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break-Ziplining

 Brave little Macie...had no problems she just ran a dropped like a pro!  

 Kids totally loved this little side trip.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break-Hellicopter Ride

Here we go ! Me and Kase were so nervous !!

Beautiful Kauai
The view over Jurassic Falls. What a view!

Oops Kase got alittle sick...teeheee!

Spring Break-Luau