Saturday, February 14, 2009

She's Got Skills-Update

Our Photoshop Class is almost full!

We had to change the dates because of delays in the Studio
so the Class will start on the 26th of March!

If you are planning on signing up.... dont wait !
I cant wait for this to start, I love teaching and sharing the things I love!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am the proud Mama of 6 new babies

Baby kittens that is. We came home from SLC to find 6 new kitties in our garage. They are adorable ! We stayed up till 11 watching them get settled. I cant keep the kids away from them!Noodles and her kittens!Macaroni aka Mac Ravioli aka Ravy


Mr. Whiskers

Macie's love

Macie is in love with Kase's girlfriends little brother. She comes home, lays on the floor and says
"ahhhh, I just cant stop thinking about Jack"
all the talk is making Justin a little nervous. He doesn't understand the!

She has picked out her "wedding" dress and considers him her husband.
I can't quite figure out how he feels about I am sure he is wondering why on earth Macie has attached herself to him :)

Kases' Valentine Poems

I sware this kids of mine is a crack up!


Violets are red

Roses are blue

your sometimes are mean and

sometimes nice too


Violets are blue

so is your Mom's stu (stew)

I like stuart Little as much as you


Roses are red Violets are blue

you're name rimes with Den

so you should live in one

BUT the best one was to his little crush..

To: Abby

( looked online for a quote)

you know when you have found your prince because

you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart

awwwww the little charmer...he gave her a ring with it.

What a STuD mUfFIN!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am scrapbooking

No pictures, nothing exciting to write other then I am making myself scrapbook. I am making myself be crafty and it is kinda hard. I go in spurts of creativness and forcing myself makes me feel like I HAVE to instead of want to. I just cant let myself get behind will drive me nutso!
OHHH and I am putting in a couple wholesale orders if you want cheap stuff let me know...I am ordering from...
American Crafts
maybe Pioneer Albums
Oopsydaisy Pettiskirts
-not a scrapy site but i must have these pettis they are adorable!
email me @
elementsphotographystudio@gmail if you want to order

Taking a chance.

We signed a lease on a new studio/store front space this week. I have to say I am sooo excited about it and also a little, ok A LOT freaked out. I really want this to work! I have been sketching out window displays and floor plans for weeks now. I am excited to get going on it!
I don't have the exact address but it is downtown, by the electric theater.
We will be spending the whole month getting ready for the grand opening so I am sure we will be posting more pics about it!!

It's 1500 SF, I have no idea what I am going to do with it all :)
Store front windows
These will have wood slabs that will look like barn wood. This will be our frame wall

Macie saying hi

Ahhhh! It feels more official to post it and talk about it. I didn't want to curse it, so I haven't really said much about it! I have butterflies! :)