Monday, August 31, 2009

Kase and Jayden

We have the cool friends in this neighborhood, it is fun to have so many kids the same age. Kase best friend is Jayden they are like brothers, they fight and argue and play like brothers. I love that Kase has such a good friend here.
I've been working on getting his pages caught up in his scrapbook, I am a year behind and that drives me nuts! So I might be posting more pages...Mainly for Rach cause she asked for them :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"pickle sandwhich"

This girl is crazy she eats the wierdest foods for a kid. Pickles and bread and a little bit of ham have been her lunch of choice this tomatoes, lima beans and salad. weirdo.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Say Hello to McKai

This shouldnt come as a shock...we've all waited for this little guy since Kase was 2. Kase has asked where his McKai brother was, he had bunkbeds plans drawn up for his Dad to make, we've talked about his coming, the kids have told my friends that I was pregnant years before I even was, Macie kisses and talks to McKai every morning, we even have his name in vinyl on our Family Home Evening board. So yes it is in fact our little McKai.

His profile...
His manhood...

I have another ultrasound scheduled in October to check out a few other things with this little guy so I hope to have some better pictures to show next time :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kitties looking for a home....

We have seven cute cute kitties at our house...yes we had kitties just 3 months ago I know BUT the stupid mama cat got prego 5 weeks after she had her first litter and there was nothing we could do. SO if you want a cute kitten we have a ton of them...sad to say I am the Cat Lady once again :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer of Sickenss

I can't believe that school has been going for almost 2 weeks, the summer is gone I have have nothing to show for it. Usually our summers are full of trips up north, boating with my family, visiting friends and throwing a kick ass Birthday Party.
None of that happen. In fact I don't know how the kids and I survived without Justin here.
Let me assure you...I am not a wuss. I am extremely independent and usefully in normal circumstances...I hate pregnancy sickness...and that is not even an adequate word, for the feelings I have about it. I love to be active, love to bounce around in all my various activities, my life as I knew it completely stopped. I had about 2 hrs of relief about every other day. Walmart has been the worst, I unfortunately only last about an hour before I HAVE to go home. I would walked along with my head on the cart or kneeling on the floor telling the kids to put in whatever the hell they wanted. My sweet friend Becca loaded me up with groceries from Costco that lasted almost a grateful for a friend to help me.
I did happen to make it out of the house for a couple things... including a very poor celebration of Macies 6th birthday, a trip up to Oregon (to drop off my kids at my Dads) and of course my photo sessions. I post about those later :)
I feeling a little bit of relief...still sick all the time but not puking which is always a plus. AND the little toad in my belly has been moving around a ton.
I am at my half way mark only 4 more months to go...

Friday, August 21, 2009

A few pics from Saint Thomas

We were so lucky to get to go the St. Thomas this summer...we went for free which was the only way we could go! (thanks mich and grace..we love u!) I have a ton more pictures but I needed to post something and I want to edit them first which is always annoying! Here is a couple from our trip anyways...