Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kambrie @ 3 months

Has the sweetest temperament, is a mellow super smiley little baby

 Found her hands
 Squishes her nose up when she smiles
Takes baths in the sink and loves it
Loves her Daddy
 Loves her bottle...she insists on having the blanket up around her face when she takes her bottle
Is the best cuddler.
 Stretches with her arms up and legs stretched as long as possible.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Art Festival in Kayenta

Yes we all had a fantastic time!
 The drawings were ahhhmazing! I cant believe that this is all done on the sidewalk!

 Kase making his own art piece
 Mac too
 Cute little observer 
Macie thought it would be funny to paint Vaeh
She didnt think it was funny at ALL
So she painted herself thinking it would make her feel better

 Jayden stepped in and got Macie back
 Which in return pissed Macie off 
 and we decided it was time to go


A little help from Daddy finding eggs
Love that tiny baby in his arms


 and candy :)
 and some love on Kambrie Jo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Binkie Thief

This little guy is the main reason we cant find Kambries binkies anywhere!

My Girls

I have alot of people asking my if I ever take shots of Macie when she is smiling because she is plastered all over in my house, and on my website with these somber expressions. Well let me give you a behind the scenes look at what goes on when I take her pictures! I have a last min cancelation for an orchard session. I decide that today is the only day that this is going to work w my girls so I curl macies hair and argue about how i didnt mean to pull it but if she held still it would happen. I tell her to get dresses. She hates the outfit, it doesnt match, she wants to wear something else...I feed the baby, load the carrage, hair bows, ruffle romper and all 4 kids in the car, turn around becuase I forgot my camera...finally on our way....30 mins later then I wanted to be but I figure we will have plenty of time. Macie falls asleep on the way out there, her hair is static crazy and it is COLD! Not a good way to start out. So Jusitn keeps the baby in the car I haul the buggy and rest of the props out to the spot. Set up my camera, then ask Macie to get out so I can check my lighting. I also figure that I should try to get some good ones of her right then...I now that Kam will not last long in the weather....I tell her to look at me, sweet smile, I want to see my pretty girl...this is what I get....It was cold but not that cold and her fake shivers are ridiculously dramatised. I have her take a jog around the trees to get her blood pumping. Bad idea. She falls, comes back with sticks in her hair, a hole in her leggings and tears down her face. We recover from that...I lose my patience, yell and walk away. Finally after 45 mins out there we get Kambrie out settled I take 5 shots of them together(....this was my favorite because she was checking on her to make sure she wasnt too cold.) I snap a couple of her, in between the shivering, complants... and the pouting, I cant forget about the pouting. :) So Ill take the somber moody expressions from her because in reality that might be all I will get when I photograph her!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

You better work

We had Kase help stain his bunkbed. He did a great job at it...Maybe we need to have him come work in the shop w Justin!

Friday, April 8, 2011


It is how she hangs out, tucked in tight, chin and mouth tucked under the blanket . Just like a little peanut!