Friday, April 30, 2010

The 3 of them

I still have a hard time believe that Macs apart of our family. The kids absoulutly adore him. Hes such a treat and joy in my life.

Spring Break Part 1-San Diego

I am finally getting to been 2 months, at least they are up!! We stayed in DelMar at some fancy hotel just got for $40 a night I think it was the double tree or something like that, gotta love the hubby of mine he got some pretty sweet rooms!
Because of the rain we went to the Museum of Natural Histrory instead of Lego Land. Loved it!I still just sit and smell him. I think that if i smell hard enough I will smell heavenThe Nanny...I couldnt have done it with out her...I wish she lived closer

He is soo cute when he sleeps. Just happens that the matching outfits...matched the top floor of the museum.The beach

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When you gotta go

Ok I still almost pee my pants when I look at these photos...get ready for a laugh!
Kase is seriously the worst when it comes to pooping...when he needs to go, it is right that sec, stop what you are doing it is coming out! So when Justin took him out on a bike ride and he had to poop Justin first mistake was to tell him to wait. Then he told him to climb over a hill to see if he could find a porta-potty. By that time it was too late, he HAD to go so he did the most logic thing to an 8 yr old...he dropped his pants and pooped on top of the hill. Justin yelled at him not to poop there ...bad can you move while you are still pooping. ????
Here is Kase scooting down the hill on his hands and knees. Justin sent me picture mail titled "your son sh*iting on our bike ride"

So as he was obediently making his way down the hill he is still pooping...once you start you cant stop!

Then Justin takes him over to the stream and Kase CONTINUES to poop for 10 mins...all in this position.What would pooping be without pee...turns out that is hard to do when you are bent over a stream. Justin told him to push his wiener backwards so he wouldn't get it everywhere.
Smile for the camera kid..your Mom taught you well.
Part of me just giggles because I chose not to go on this bike ride...seems it pays to be lazy :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Great Gma Allreds viist

Already throwing left hooks
 Check out the stud muffin
 Grandmas hands and Miss Mace

He Rolls

Little turd is only 3.5 months old and is determined to get his move on. He is a completely different baby now that he is figuring out how his little body works. It must be frustrating to be stuck in a body that does do what you want it to!
He has change alot too...more of his daddy's characteristics and less of mine. Sad.
Big boy lifting his head up taken a rest to taste his fingers
posing for mommy (this shot is soooo out of focus...oh well!)His little smirk..."watch what I can do Mommy"the roll..The confused look..not sure he is rolling on purpose yet!
the sweet tongue smile....blurry too i know...light in my house bites!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Are you my Mother?

My poor older kids...I have had a few rough nights with McKai and they have been fending for themselves in the morning. Today I had assumed Justin had gotten up with them and got them on their way to school BUT instead he crashed in Macies bed after being up with her and her sore tummy.
So I was VERY surprised, and embarrassed when she came home wearing this...Seriously WHO is your mother? and why does she check what you are wearing!!