Wednesday, November 19, 2008

10 reasons I love Jdawg

This was suppose to be for his birthday...2 months late but I wanted to post it anyways!
He borrowed a huge jacked up truck for our anniversary cause I don't like sports cars.

He is a horrible dancer, but he dances around the house to make Macie laugh.

I'm his sugar mama and he is my crafty bitch. bawhahahah! Don't worry he thinks it is funny.

He's stay through all the crap

He lets me listen to whatever music I like in the car and he thinks I am a good singer...boy is he deaf!

He is tall...I can wear heals and I still feel little around him.

He does let things bug him.... he forgives easily, lets things go. I wish I could be more like him.

He thinks he is funny. He's kinda like the old guy that tells jokes and laughs at himself. Now listening to him laugh ...that is funny.

He helps a ton with the kids, picks up, comes home whatever we need. I am sooo glad to have a husband that helps out.

Together we are far from perfect. We yell, ok really we scream AND we laugh & love each other.

He records and watches Desperate Housewives...for himself not me.

He makes anything...he is working on a desk for me right now. All I have to do is say I like this thing in this store or this catalog and he does it for me. LOVE it!

He has the most beautiful crystal blue eyes...Macie luckily got those eyes too
He is the best location scout, he finds the best spots for photoshoots.

He loves us...seems obvious but there have been times I have seriously doubted.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday Fun

One of my favorite things about the fall is that Justin and I have birthdays 6 days apart. We try to do something special together ever year. So this yr we went to SLC and stayed in the Perry Hotel. What an amazing hotel, when you walk in it feel like you walk into another era the 1920's.

They have kept the hotel in great was right downtown and just fun to feel like we were livin the "city" life for a couple days!!
We went to dinner at Babara ...I love fancy restaurants, love going and getting dressed up eating fancy rich people food. Plus they knew it was my birthday so they had a menu especially printed for me :)

Then Justin got tickets to So You Think You Can Dance.....unfort they wouldn't let me take my camera in. I would have gotten some kick a** shots we were on the 6th row dead center! It was soooooo good, the dances were better live. We had a great time together!

We had to do a fo' real shot...that is all we walked around doing when the show was on!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't forget to Vote!

I guess this makes us neutral?! :)

I {heart} Halloween!

I guess I am weird but this is my absolute favorite holiday! I hate taking decorations down when it is over more then Cmas. Weird I know, there is just something fun about dressing up and pretending to be someone else. I am kinda obsessive about the our costumes each year...Kase says it is not fair that I pick them so I let him choose the theme...surprise, surprise he picked Star Wars and we went with it.
Oh course nothing goes as smoothly as I'd like it to ....Justin wasn't suppose to be around for so I canceled his Darth Vader costume, so I had to do a little last min shopping to find something for him. People drive me nuts that shop the day before. I don't know why...I fell like saying be prepare people :) Then on Halloween I nearly had a mental brake down, My camera died on me as I was taking pics of Macie. I cried and cried and cried, Justin thought I was going to loose it but I pulled it together! :) So after all the drama and a getting a new camera, we finally got some pics...I dyed her hair drk so that she looked more like Princess Leah and Justins Mom sewed her turned out perfect!Leah bunsHaving a gun is so cool!
All of us starwars peps
Macies tuff face LOL!
J dawg and I, Justins make-up was kick butt, he did himself I was sooo impressed. He sooo looked scary and kinda sexy. I told him that we could have hot Star Wars sex later but he thought that was dumb :(
Kase and his Luke poses
His teacher said that he was the hottest Luke she's ever seen, he's such a stud!

I am sooo sad it is over! I cant wait for next year we already have a plan!

Monday, November 3, 2008

She loves her daddy

Everyone asks where macie gets her beautiful they are her dads. So cute!
We have been going none stop, 2 session a day, 10 hrs of editing, finishing up jobs so Justin can head to Texas, Soccer, Football, Homework...yadeyada. Not much time to post, not much time to edit all the cute pics I have so I can post them :) ugggg ! I will try to post more :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

a bug girl

She loves all things lil girls don't typically love...bugs, spiders, dirt, lizards. She will pick almost anything up and bring it to me. Kase wont touch most bugs...we have to threaten to get him to hold anything gross! I love that she is a good mix of girly girl and tomboy!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


We have an awesome neighboor that is really into recycling...she comes around every thursdany and picks up our bags. The kids love to help so they go ride around with her, they had us get recycling bins in our house and they are always so excited about finding a bottle or something to put in the bins. It is fun to watch the kids get excited about it all!

Another sign the summer went to fast

I only went to 25 Main twice the whole summer. Rach and I had huge plans to go once and week and let the kids go and play in the downtown water park...yeah we never ever went once together!!They do make the best cupcakes in the world. Trust me this is the first I take everyone that is visiting me! (I have to fatten you up :))!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life crazies

I am always annoyed with those kind of people who have drama surrounding their lives....turns out I am one of those people! Crap ! Does that mean I'm annoyed with myself?
The story....
I had a session on Friday with on old family friend, Travis...WE dated very very briefly in HS, nice guy...beautiful wife...not an awkward situation at all :) Well Justin...or the "manny" as we like to call him was running 30 mins late and his phone was mysteriously not working (or turned off you be the judge) I finally loaded the kids in the car and headed out to my session, i figured the kids could play in the grass and not bug to much. So my lovely son decides to hike up to BFE while I am preoccupied with their session....then he realized that he has to poop. There is no holding the poopies and he squats down
goes poop
BUT the poopie is dangler
and it dangles and dangles
finally slides down his leg and back in his undies.
We had to spend 30 mins cleaning him up and he sat in the car BUTT neeecked for the rest of the time!
I am sure Travis had a "I'm sure glad I didn't marry her" moment!!!
Welcome to my crazy life

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What happens when I am sick

Orange Juice in a teapot......and on the floor
cute cards are made
with sweet lil notes

and my laptop is torn apart and not longer working...thanks hubster!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Princess among the Boys

I cant decide between these so I'll post them all....

I took this during base ball session and have been DIEING to have the creativity to dit them!

This is sooo Macie....always with the boys!

Thanks Jody for letting me use Creed!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Whole bunch of sharting going on here

Kase woke up not feeling so hot today....he sat in my office and talked to us for a while and then all of a sudden he gets tense...and sharts in his pants.
Whats a Shart you might ask?
It's when you sh*t and fart all at the sametime. :)
bwhahahhahahaah! We were all laughing about it. His cute Spiderman boxers went in the garbage and I have been giggling about all day!!!

My Mom is 5-0...does that make me old?

We surprized my Mom last minute with a party and homemade manicotti! Macie's card sang some annoying song that she played over and over!
My mom and sisters....I have the smallest eyes ever!
the gifts

Old lady diapers...velcro shoes....magnifing glass...