Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Laser Hair Removal

So I went and got some laser hair removal done last week. I have a gift certificate from my birthday from Justin...thanks babe! It was seriously not bad, waxing was 10x worst then laser, and i took 15 mins! I have to do 6 more treatments 4 weeks apart. I can't wait to have no armpit hair! OK here is where it gets kinda funny, since it really was not that bad I started asking about prices for other parts. I am not brave enough to get the neither regions done quite yet....even thought I would love to not worry about that stuff! I would love to have the "man hair" I've grown since having my kids gone, yes I have a dark little happy trail and worst then that I have some boobie hairs. If they were blond I would not care but the fact that they are black drives me nuts. I hate plucking the stupid little things!TMI I know but hey who's perfect seriously? Well I am asking about pricing and the lady can not find "nipples" in the pricing. I point out the areola on the sheet and she says no that is in between your eyebrows....what? I sware it is not, so she gives me pricing for the full chest which is 300 more then the little areola? Am I smoking crack? I sware I thought I knew the terminology for my girly parts!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New ones of Moo moo

I am trying to get a large picture blown up for macies room so I took her out for a little photo shoot. She is was determined to make it miserable! She complained about everything, she said there was a grape stuck in her throat, she pissed of the cat and she bite her boobie, finally I had to bribe her with 20.oo before she would cooperate! Little terd.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Sorry I am not as good about updates lately! I thought for sure that January would be an off month for my but wow it has been crazy! I finally finished my weddings, I have re-designed my brochures and stuff, almost done updating my website and I took my Christmas tree down! :)
I need you guys to do me a favor....will you go over to my business blog and vote in my contest? I would really really appreciate it!
I will post more this week I have tonz of things to share and I got this shot of Macie that I am dying to show!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

WPPI in Vegas

Ok here are the details about the conf in Vegas...

Dates:March 16th-19th (I might not be staying till the 19th, I might go home on the 18th if no one else stays)

Fee: $150 per person Includes all Platform classes, 2 receptions, 3 evening events (champane shootout, ladies of photography), 1 morning event (free breakfast) & tickets to the trade show.

Room Fee: $75 per night, the more we get to go the cheaper this is...but seriously $75 a night in vegas is a great we will have a kitchen and up to 3 bedrooms/bathrooms.

Flights...Southwest is having their $49-99 special again most of you can fly for cheap

Classes start the night of the 16th, here is a link to the classes.
We all can go to whatever classes we want, the one I want to go to the most is JESH DE ROX totally amazing photographer.

This is one of those conventions that will totally help your career/hobby. There are amazing speakers, and the trade show is sooo informative!

I would love to have a big group come so seriously anyone is long as they are not bitchy :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

I posted some video links...

My favorite songs right now, and yes they are weird. Justin rolls his eyes everytime he sees me watching them... I can't help it I like weird stuff!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Long Time No Post....

How was everyones' Christmas break? Ours was soooo fabulous! I had almost 2 full weeks without work which was so, so nice. Oh course I didn't really rest like I thought I would. I spent the entire 2 weeks doing things with the kids, and doing projects of my own.

We had our annual Gingerbread Party right before Christmas and it was great! Like always we had a ton of people come and it made me wish I had just a little bit more room in our house for parties! I simplified (as much as I could) by finding the pre-made dough, and doing gingerbread people instead of elaborate houses. It was so much fun!

I edited all of my pictures from January-November 2007. Not only did I edit but I also scrapbooked with is amazing all in itself because I totally lacked motivation to use my creativeness. It took me a full week to finish over 45 pages! I have a scrapbook bulimia, it do it all at once until I can't possibly scrap anymore. That is how I am feeling...although it would be nice to finish my pages from DC....sigh. Here a couple of my favs....I added a slide show of my pages in the side bar----->
I read the first Twilight Book that everyone has been raving about. My friend Sum recommended it back in July but I finally had time to read it....i took me 2 days, couldn't put it down! Ohh I love it, I can't wait to read the next two! If you haven't read it...I highly recommend it!

We also built and finished a huge book shelf and armor' for Kase and Macie's room. We got in a huge fight about it, poor Justin is amazing at building things just from the little drawings I sketch, but he is terrible at the details. I on the other hand am a perfectionist, I like to stain, finish things, I like the finish work...guess I get that from my Dad. I expected him to be good at detail stuff too but it turns out he's not.

Our fight ended something like this...
"you said they looked like shit (which I totally did not) you finish them yourself!'~Justin

"FINE, I will!'~Me

That was that. I finished them myself and I think they will look fabulous!

I will post more pix when it is finished!

I finally got my Christmas Cards out for friends (sent over 100) and Clients (sent 185 out). That was nice to get done. That's a freakin butt load of cards, stamps and work! Hopefully everyone got one that wanted one. If I missed anyone it was not on purpose! :) I still a few hanging around if I missed ya!