Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kambrie @ 10 months

Crawls everywhere

First Halloween
Goes up stairs
loves to be held and snuggled
Pulls up to a stand
Shakes her head NO

Food! Loves all food!
Gives Kisses
Sumo Squat/Stand

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Boy and his Puppy

I cant say I don't try with Mac to get pictures. I thought it would be sooo cute if he carried the dog around. He hasn't left it alone since Shayla brought him home. (yes I am not crazy enough to get a dog, he was at our house for a week until we found him a home :)

He really is a cute puppy...but all puppies are cute

I thought that if i set it up so that the puppy and him played it would be perfect....but he cried when we put him down, that scared the puppy so he ran away...and then he cried even more.

So we tied the puppy to him....well that just pissed him right off

Oh well I laught so hard when I was going through all of these. It is so McKai.