Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vegas Baby

Heading out on the town

Watching the light show on Fremont street
 Me and Tab

Just Jason on the strip

Flashing neon sign for drinks.....yes please!

Battle wounds from all the walking...oooooouch!

 Uncle Erik feeding Kamb baby
 and Erik and the girls

  Checking out our view 

Bed in the tub
and a little swim time

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kambrie Jo @ 2 months

Got her cute little baby zitsGot her first visit from Grandpa and Grandma MacIs adored by her Big Sister
Makes the best pooping face ever
Moved into a new house
Loves movement and only falls alseep in the swing or if we walk around with her
Started to smile a ton!
Is a snuggler, this is something I hope sticks. Not one of my kids cuddled after 4 months

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Portraits by Macie

She is such a ball of creative....She is wanting to sell them at the Dickens festival this year. I think she needs to make a canvas of our whole family

Lovin on the babies

I don't know why but I love doing this with my little...airplane, superman whatever you call it it makes me happy. Just spend time with these babies make me happy.

Mac with his dirty blankey...he loves this thing. Goes everywhere

Kambrie Jo snuggles
 and her crazy toes :)