Thursday, December 30, 2010

Catching up-Cmas

Cmas was.... well disappointing. Bring on the Debbie downer post...prepare yourself for some bitching...or stop reading :)

I was so disappointed in Macie , she complained the whole time. She didn't get everything she asked for, Santa is not real, Dad didn't even buy her anything ....that was so rude. REALLY? The only two things she didn't get was a motor scooter and a cell phone.

well lets think about this....she takes off all the time. really this girl walks out of the house and disappears all the time, she spent the last 2 months before Cmas grounded and even then, I had to go searching for her more then 7 times. A Motor Scooter would be the worst thing to get her. Nice try sweetheart.

A cell phone? She cant keep track of anything, and she is SEVEN! Who is she going to call?

and Justin spent all night making her a closet for her doll clothes. Who the eff cares if he didn't BUY it? brat. She should be sent to Haiti...I am not kidding I was so mad even Justin was telling me to calm down and the hubby doesn't say a lot to me about my moodiness so apparently I was over the top.

Every Yr I have made sure my kids are aware of other families in need. I let them pick out a toy or we pick a family...something so the spirit of giving is in thier mind. This year I let it slip and even tho I am mad at Macie I fee responsible for her actions....I am raising spoiled kids. suck.

So minus Macie , we all had a good time. Here they are before the girl drama....

This one is priceless to me. Justin has a difficult relationship with Kase and he tries so hard for his approval. This meant more to Kase then Justin even knows.

Cute bear bums

Mac getting into his stocking :)

My Boys...Kase drew Mac a picture for cmas. I love my tenderhearted lil' guy.

Mac-sucker with the wrapper on, checking out his "singamagig"

his new toys were not as entertaining as the older kids stuff. He didn't want to open a thing :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Months

Some how those 2 months have gotten squished together in my memory and I cant remember when he started doing what at what time!

I feel like I missed 9 months all together and I cant for the life of me remember anything that was monumental in macs changing life. sad.

So at 9-10 months

He is in the dump, pull, poor everything out of its container and then put it back in- stage
He is clapping

He will stand without holding on to anything, but walking is going to take sometime...he has a "special foot" that turns in and makes walking really hard.

He falls asleep with his hands straight above his head and a blanket around his face to hold his bottle.

He can hold his own bottle but usually throws it at one of us hold it! Laaaazy baby.

He crawls at super speed when the front door is open, the toilet is flushed or if he hears his daddy.
He adores his dad, wants to be with him every sec...he likes me but its not the same.
He is eating mostly table food with bottles at night

He DOES not sleep through the night and usually rolls around saying dadadadada num num.

Daddy gets up with him at night because he is awesome and because I need to the rest with all the work Ive been doing...oh and the fact that I am preggo AGAIN!

He loves to watch people, kids babies. He is very social and follows the kids' friends around the house.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa pics

Mac was not a fan :)