Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Move

It is quite the big deal to pack up and move....This has been the longest home we have lived in and even tho the neighbors were not the friendliest we loved where we were. It is hard to believe that we crammed as much as we did in that house. 4 kids, 3 adults...(no we are not polygamist My sister moved in with us last summer) The photography studio, our frame shop and all of Justin's collectible items...aka his hording. All in less then 1800 sf. , we were so packed over flowing that the neighbors called the association on us monthly.

After a lot of freak out moments on my part we finally found something that would work for our businesses and our family. It is a big house that needs a lot of work. The owners are leasing it to us for cheap as compensation to fix things up. It has worked great...and I feel like we are seriously spoiled right now. We have a year to relax her, then its off to another place and hopefully a separate studio again.

Ill try to get pics of the new house . I don't think I have one single room put together totally :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Look who is WALKING!

I love how he sits in the W positions. I think it is so cute. Getting up Looking to me for assurance
Watchin his feet to make sure they move
Takin a fall

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hospital Pics

The hospital rules are extremely strict when it is flu season. We had Mack and Kambrie Jo both during that time so the kids don't get to hold the babies till we are home from the hospital. I had I missed them so much and wanted them to at least get to see her when she was just minutes old ....even if it was just through the glass. The first time Mac saw her he was in love. He just laughed and smiled at her, he was so was torture not letting him hold her. I know they will be good little buddies... and his reaction made me cry. I have worried so much about him and about him feeling like he was being pushed aside with this new baby, he was excited about her...maybe he remembers her from heaven!ummmm I love the new baby smell. Having a baby is so emotional and perfect. I would have 10 million if i didn't have to be preggo and raise them. :)Kambrie and her daddy Her little profile
I love this one of is like she is saying "Mommy they hurt my foot"

Getting dressed
Ready to come home.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kambrie Jo @ 1 Month

At 1 month Kambrie is
Sleeping 4-5 hr stretches through the night
but still sleeps a lot during the day
Is drinking 3 oz every two hrs
Doesn't like to be put down esp when she is sleeping...she wakes right up
Has to be swaddled, arms down on her sides
Loves her binky
Has crooked toes (they came out all squished and funny looking) it is my fav part of her
Had her first manicure
Has a teeny little spot of hair
Has two calics going opposite directions on the back of her head
Has greyish blue eyes

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snaggel Tooth

Thats what we got going on at our house...HUGE grown up teeth in a teeny little person mouth. As much as I love her smile and want to cature her at this stage...I have always loved her without teeth smile.
This is my new fav of her...she was laying here waiting to for Kambrie to be happy so we could add her in the picture...... ahhhh I Love my sweet girl.