Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We live in a ZOO!

I am the worst sucker for animals. I cant help it if a cat comes around, I want to feed it, if something gets run over I will stop and help it, if we find a hurt bird in our yard I will bring it in our house to help it get better. BUT I need to stop because lately I feel like we live in a zoo.
It all started with Chip. She started coming around at night, wouldn't come in just wanted food. So I feed her, then one day she came in and hid underneath Kases' bed and hasn't left. She is mellow, doesn't need much so I didn't mind.
Then Justin's brother moved to Texas and just left a cat at his house. crap. I cant let the cat stay there and starve so we brought her home too. Her name is Noodles. She doesn't get along with Chip and we hear them fighting all over the house. and she attacked Justin for making fun of her meow noises. I am not kidding she flew threw the air and scratched up him arm.
Then while up north for Christmas my Mom, knowing my weakness asks if I will take her dog for a while. Oh and she also asked this IN front of my kids who beg and beg....I give in. This is Lexi. Both cats don't like her, that is fun. AND to top it all off Noddles got knocked up and we are suppose to get Lexi preggers. AND we still have our two lizards. It's a zoo I tell ya.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Photoshop Class

I am finally ready to teach the class. Rach and I are figuring out details this week and I will post more about it soon. It will be a hands on, 8 week class. There is so much to cover and just a couple hours or classes just dont cut it!! I will update soon!
Here is an example of what I will be teaching!

Before.... AFTER....


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally back!

Weeeeew! I feel like I am finally able to breath. We had a crazy holiday season, busy as usual! I will be back to posting now! Sorry for the lack of posting :) We had a great Cmas. My sister and her friend came down to spend it with us which was really cool since my family has only come to see us 2 times in 7 yrs!! We made dinner and just hung out and laughed a ton. It make me really miss being close to her.
I love aprons, one of my many obsessions i guess. But seriously how can I pass up matching ones for me and Macie ??
It is kinda sad that I have enough aprons in the house that we all can wear one!

Setting out cookies. We even made them from scratch. Santa ate almost all of them that night....yum!
Matching Cmas Jammies

The whole gang cmas morning...Gotta love the self timer/flash pics