Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Lost Mac Today

 it was the worst feeling I have ever experienced. I had let the babies outside with the puppy to play and ran into the office to submit an order that I was trying to get in all morning. It took longer then it should and I realized I hadn't heard Macs voice for a while. I yelled for Mac and Timmy and heard nothing , I walked around the house and saw the gate was down. I ran out to the street called and heard nothing. I panicked, check the pool and grab kambrie. I frantically drove around looking for him, it took 20 mins before a neighbor pointed him out in the yard...sitting by Timmy looking at another dog.

During all of this I couldn't help but think something was wrong, and plead for more time with him.
Good reminder to slow down, maybe I needed the wake up call.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Little Monsters

The weather has been so so great I wanted to let the kids play outside today. I don't trust leaving them out there alone, esp with the pool in backyard so I sat on the porch to edit while they played. They headed over to the basketball court and was (suspicious) silence. I stupidly thought how great they were playing to together, I could only see the top of their heads, they were laughing, and giggling....then Kambs turned around and I saw it. her face totally black . After a couple of sware words, I ran in the house and grabbed my camera, the damage was already done, I had to get pictures.
Look at this little stinker proud as punch , covered in paint

After I tried EVERYTHING, it took two bottles of baby oil and over a week to get the paint off their face and two weeks out of their hair!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day Thirty

What a great day! I got a text around 1pm from justin, they are releasing him! I hurried and finished my session in St George, packed up and headed to Salt Lake. I was so so so bumed I missed being there when they released him but i got to met up with them at the Jazz game. That was the goal we had set for Kase...Telling him that if he got out by a certain date we could go to a game, four games came and went and luckily he got out the day of  one!
He still looks so so pale but look how happy he is!
Mac was so focused on the game...he thought this game was pretty cool.
The handed out silly string in our sections and we got to have a huge silly string fight.
Beyond happy to have Kase out!

Macie mainly watched the people and the lights above her

Later Skater....
New Jersey and his very own basketball
We went back to the hotel and got fancy room service and watch TV till 1 am...we dont ever want to let him go!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day Twenty Five

It snowed today

This was the same veiw a week ago...

The Child Life Specialist brought him a bowl of snow. He was pretty happy.
I still hate looking at his cut. It breaks my heart.
 He sure loves using his pain med button.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day Twenty Four

He was awake enough today to read the letters from his class. I sobbed. There were so many funny things but there was one from a really good friend in his class that I wanted to include it. I feel really lucky that he has such a great support system and such a fantastic classmates

 They have given him leggings to keep the blood circulating in his legs. very stylish.