Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby #4

Well OK after 14 weeks I think that I am finally ready to admit to this pregnancy! I have been really shocked by this one but honestly they ALL have come when they want.
I had felt so happy and content with Kase and Macie. Blessed to have one of each so when we tried for a 3rd I wasnt too heart broken about not getting preggo...don't get me wrong I was sad. I cried a lot but I was also happy I at least had two. Then out of the blue 6 yrs later McKai came to our lives. We knew it was him from the very beginning, knew his name 8 yrs ago when Kase started talking about his McKai brother.
We have felt more complete and blessed then ever before in our lives. Justin and I had healed tremendously over that last yr and McKai seemed to bring us even more closer. I think I even said that if Justin was like this with the other two kids I would have wanted MORE and MORE babies. He honestly is a new man and I have loved falling in love with him all over again.
I didn't think we needed anymore happiness...and turns out nursing and that fact that I could not get preggo before IS NOT the best birth control!!! GO FIGURE! So 1 oops turned into this...
Alien Baby...This is the leg of now nothing is there. I guess something can grow? appear? I dont know how it works but it MIGHT be a girl. I pray for Macies sake it is. She'll be heart broken if not.Belly and arms

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


These are Macks 5 month shots....I am sooo behind! Let see at 5 months. He was rolling everywhere. Super smile...but very curious, which is what I seem to capture of him this month...the curious face!

He still is the sweetest little thing. Loves to be around us, loves the kids. I could just hold him all day long and be happy!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Macies 7th Bday-Retro Dance Party

This was Macie's idea and it turned out so cute. We all had so much fun! We got a strobe light and tons of old records and the party was complete! This took alot less planning which was nice after Kases Party !
The birthday girl The cupcakes....she requested a cake but 25 main cupcakes are so much better! All I had to do was get fondant for the toppers...simple enough for the domestically challenged me ;)
Table DecorThe Dance floor There was dancing....
Including the robot from KaseSome falls...
Lots of leaps

and twirling
and the occasional karaoke

Thanks to everyone that came! She had a blast!