Friday, July 17, 2009

Cute Lil' Squirt

I had to get an ultrasound to figure out my due date....I love getting the early peaks at the baby it is always fun. He/she looks like a cute little thing hun?
So this is putting my due date on January 11th and makes me 14 weeks along. I thought I was due in February so that is good...earlier is always better :) and that explains why my tummy is so huge! Thanks for every one's kind words! We are very excited...its been along time since we've had a baby in our house!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


yep that is a sure sign that I am preggo.
Yeah.... I should be soo happy, jumping for joy that I am pregnant (we have tried for 3 yrs) BUT right now I am not really enjoying this little creature that is making me MISERABLE! Pregnancy are unfortunately extremely hard on me, I am sick the majority or the time, I am very moody, unstable and not fun to be around. (maybe that is why Justin took off to Texas)
Yes this post isnt all about happy things, and I am sure sometime in October I will be feeling a little less but until then....
Don't ask me if I am STILL sick...I will yell at you.
Don't send my kids home after 10 mins and say they have played long enough at your house when your kids have played at mine for over 4 hours.
Don't comment about my house...offer to clean it ...hehehe ...kidding
Don't talk to me about touchy subjects (ie gay rights, the LDS church, working mothers) I mostly likely will say things that will make us no longer friends.
and most importantly don't be offended when I don't return calls or texts...I just want to be left alone...and possibly be brought dinner every once in a while ;)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Macies Dance Recital

This girl loves to dance , she is such a performer it is hillarious! I love her recitals and her costumes are always darling & we love her dance teacher....if you are looking for a fun local studio check out
(hows that for a plug :)