Monday, September 28, 2009

Moo Moo's Pages

Everytime I look at this page I want mint for your pillow?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Toe Check...

Yep still there ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crib Drama....

So I have a very hard time finding furniture that I love or that I am "allowed" to buy because JDawg can make everything for me BUT I when I found this crib I knew it was perfect for sweet little McKai. It just happened to be a $1100 pottery barn crib...dang.

So I found the crib, in perfect shape at Down East home for half the price....yeah still not going to pay that for it...even tho I LOOOOVEd it. I moped about it for a week and tried to figure out if I could put all my birthday money together, I went in today to look at it and moped some more...maybe caress it :) BUT it was gone... I ask the front desk chicka AND

There was another one in the back, even batter news ---tonight was midnight madness and the crib was $350.... ummm yeah that means I am coming back and getting that sucker TONIGHT!
Well it wasn't so simple... I didn't make it to the bank to deposit my money in time today and I had hope I could write a is there just pending ANNOyING! They don't except checks and of course my card wont work..not only does it not work it says please enter a smaller amount bwhahahaha...Yes can you please?

So I call Jdawg and he is short $20...his card doesn't work, so I hang my head and try to walk out of the store vowing I will return for my (yes it is mine now, paid for or not) crib. BUT this is all AFTER they loaded it up. We return back into the store and decide that either I am going to stand out on Telegraph and strip for the money (people would throw things at me and it wouldn't be money...paleeeease naked prego me is quite the site lemme tell you :)) or we try half one on card and half on the other.

Success!!! That worked and I came home at 10 tonight with my 75% off Pottery Barn Crib...I did not however think about how I was going to get the crib from the truck into my house...(Thanks Shell and Bekah for letting me steal your hubby's muscles) It now is sitting in my garage untill Jdawg gets back so he can take it apart and move it into its perfectly perfect location in my room. :) ahhh check one more thing off my list!

SCORE! I am totally doing my happy dance around my house to night!
Check out the awesome crib :)

and the awesome bedding (from Glenna Jean Spa Line) my sweetest friend Jodi gave me :)

I just might have to start collecting those circles that wall is my favorite :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

5 month preggo shots

I get big fast so I wanted to get a couple shots before I balloon out to whale ;) I only get a basketball belly for about a month then turns into a monster :)
besides... I had to get some shots with Justin before he goes back to work....the next time he's home I will be huge and I don't think I do more pics then :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

School Time Again!

They were so excited to go back to school. I have two in kids in school full time, I should have a spotless house and endless amounts of time on my hands...if only I wasn't sick :)
I am getting bugged at blogger...why does my color change so much when I upload them here!! ANNOYING! anyway they print looking normal so don't think I am color blind. :)
Check out Moo's cute!! I love different out of the norm items :) Of course she has a hair in her eye...all I do is edit her fine little hair out of her eye bawls...too lazy this time :)
School pics from last the cheesy posed school pictures..just glad I take better ones ;)
I had them write the names of the kids in their classes...I'm going to miss their little kid handwriting...Ive been using it as much as possible so I remember it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009