Saturday, April 26, 2008

I do have another child...

He plays baseball too.... This is Kasers first yr with machine pitch and he is getting a little discourage that he hasn't hit that home run he has been expecting. :)
Macie is asking for a kiss threw the fence...look at his expression, "umm yeah right!"

I sware I don't post a lot of Kase, he just is not as fun :).
Plus he really really hates pictures, I need to learn how to relax when I do my own kids pictures.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crazy 80s workout-WoW

This is by far the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!

Ohhh I think I found a new location

I am not a fan of red rock pictures....but I actually like this spot, it would be pretty tricky to catch the lighting just right but how is it? I dont know what do you think, would you want pictures here?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kase for President 2068

" I want to be president so I can change the price of all toys to $10." That way I wont have to pay a stupid price for something that is really really cool"

Sounds good to me kid! I'll vote for you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tee-Ball According to Macie

Macie insisted that she played this yr, come to find out all she really cares about is her pink bat and pink mitt.
Yes, that was the main requirement to play, she is still a princess after all.First she was in the out field, she got board so she decided to dance with her mitt on her head to pass the time. When the ball came to her, she just danced around it. Finally after all of her "fans" screamed at her to pick it up, she grabbed the ball, stuck it in her mitt and threw the ball with her mitt hand. That is what a pretty pink mitt is for after all.Time to bat....A Princess doesn't throw her pink bat on the ground after she hits, she hands it to the coach to take care of until she gets back.A little smile for mommy as she runs to her base. She is so proud of herself it is cute.
The only girl, the only pink bat.
A princess gets use to her many paparazzi followers, she knows how to ignore their many pleads for eye contact.
(My favorite shot of her. She is such a doll!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weight Loss stuff

I kept meaning to email everyone back that has asked me about how I have lost weight, obviously I have never got back to anyone about it so I figured I would just post it here.

I take Vitamin B Shots
There are 3 different types of Vitamin B in the shot
One is an appetite suppression
One is a metabolism booster
and One gives you energy.

There is a reason it is in a shot form verses a pill but I can't rememeber exactly why.

I am also on a eating plan which is by far the easiest one I have been on. I haven't had to change the whole way I eat, I just have had to adjust a couple things. If you live here you can go in and see Amy or give her a call to asks her more about it all.


Weight No More


Friday, April 11, 2008

100 things

1-I am a complete night owl, yep 3:00 am right now.

2-I have to take melatonin at night or I don't sleep at all
3-I hate going to the mail box and getting only bills so I order things once a week just to have a "present" in the mail.

4-I am deathly afraid of aliens, not kidding. Just looking for pictures scared the crap out me!
5-I will not go outside alone, I think the aliens will be watching me
6-I am a little nuts
7-I chew on my fingernails
8-I save my fingernails to chew on later
9-I don't drink anything but water
10-I am a sugar addict
11-i always thought i would be that mom that had fresh back cookies when my kids got home from school
12-I have the messiest house in the world
13-Lately my house only gets picked up when someone comes over
14-I was convinced I would never be that kind of homemaker, but soon realized that it doesn't matter, it dosn't make me a better person
15-I have over 100 blogs I look at everyday
16-yes I have a life, blogs pass the time while photoshop is running
17-I am a complete airhead
18-I forget how old I am, I have to count every time I am asked
19-I am a perfectionist but only in certain areas of my life
20-I have had to learn to let things go (see post 12)
21- I had a 2.1 GPA in High School
22-I somehow made it into college
23-I don't learn like most people
24-I am a very visual person
25-I learned myself photoshop and photography on my own. I read like crazy, ask tonz of questions for over 4 years and I still feel like I have scratched the surface of both,
26- I can not spell, sometimes I think that part of my brain didn't develop
27- It bugs when people point out my mis-spellings...especially on something that can't be changed...I don't want to know about it, it will just bugged me.
28-I am a DO-er, I don't usually talk about something I find away to do it
29- I love to read, I never have time

30- I am obsessed with the Twilight books, I had to listen to them while working on the computer.
31-I love people
32-I love kids I am a total kids person, It seems kids flock to me's weird. We always have neighborhood kids at our house, & my friends kids are all my little buddies! I think I get that from my Daddy
33-I can get a kid to tell me pretty much anything about their parents, it has made for some great stories.
34-I am extremely open about body parts, & sex stuff with my kids.
35-I shower with my kids still...remember Macie's song?
36-I have friends who's kids have never seen them neeecked....i think they are weird :)

37-I didn't know my own parents had sex till I was 12 or 13
38-I am afraid of heights
39-Yet I have bungee jumped and road that freaky coaster on top of the stratosphere in Vegas---thanks heather!
40-I am easily addicted to things
41-We have 4 pets right now...a cat (stray that liked our house), two lizards, a fish.
42-I almost bought a turtle and a lizard this week43-I brought a lizard with me to school when I was younger and it sat in my hair all day long
44-I have huge front teeth and squinty eyes
45-Photographers always seem to notice that my eyes disappear when I smile and they try to suggest I open them more. Not getting any bigger
46-I am 5'9 and I wish I was just a little bit taller
47-I know how to clog, I wore a awaesome petticoat costume and clog at Lagoons' National Competitions. I think I won a couple trophies to show off my awesomeness.
48- I go threw a pack of sticky notes every two weeks, I keep that company in business.
49- I love to rock climb
50- I hate to run
51- I am a procrastinater
52- and a does that work?
53-I work very well under pressure
54-I have lost almost 20 lbs :)
55-I have a severe body complex
56-I use to be anorexic (in high school)
57-My mom once said that I had the "fat genes"
58-I am by far the largest person in my family and I hate it
59-but I am the only one that has good sized natural boobies
60-My favorite person in the world was my grandma, she died right after Macie was born
61-She was the only adult female in my life who knew me, no judgements, patients, understanding, she was the only one I could talk to
62-I consider her my second mom, she helped raised us when my parents got divorced.
63-She was a talker, you could never leave her house...not kidding she'd follow you down the drive way!
64-I am the same way, I love to talk
65-I am extremely self conscious
66- I don't like complements
67-I am getting better at accepting peoples nice words
68-I love my business
69-I lay up at night dreamin' about things I can do, scrapbook pgs, photos, house decor
70-I have a notebook on my night stand for all of these "project" ideas
71-I am addicted to notebooks it is how I organize my life
72- I have a tattoo
73- I love girlfriends, but it takes a lot for me to actually let people into my life...once I do they are in forever!
74- I wish I was a better friend...luckily I have some great girls that invite me to things over and over even if I say no over and over!
75- When I get offended I have a hard time getting over it
76-I have man hair, seriously...I grow hair where no normal female should be growing hair
78- I have messed up a lot in my life but I would never take anything back
79- I have to learn by experience
80- I have experienced more in my teen years then most people do in their entire lives.
81-I am glad that life has been the way it has, I have a lot of depth in my personality because of it.

82- I still have purple hair...I love it!

83-I have honestly cried at every single Disney movie/cartoon there is
84- I cry over a lot of things
85- I have a really hard time with judgemental people
86- I don't have patience or understanding for people who pretend that life is perfect, we all have issues, struggles, and faults
87-We all have faults, and why not share them it makes you human
89- I throw some seriously rockin birthday parties for my kids, they take months to plan. I am a little weird like that...this years party has been planned since February...(birthdays in June)
90- I have 13 siblings...2 real, 3 half, 8 step

91-My nickname was Kellie Mac in High School
92-It was not from "macking" on boys, although I have no idea how many boy I did mack on:)
93- I love weird music, I totally do not think that a song has to have radio time to be good. I am all about finding different sounds. Oh and I love Rap Music.
94- I am happy with who I am right now in my life, and I am the most confused I've ever been.
95- I am very close to my siblings, talk to them every couple weeks
96-We are getting matching tattoos eventually

97- I totally love Chris Brown, he has some mad talent
98-I am trying to be interesting but seriously 100 things is hard, I have lost creativity
99-I love my family to death---you already know that
100-I have brown eyes
That took me all week to do...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back in the Day

My friend Brookie posted a slide show like this and I thought it would be fun too. I was seriously rockin some styles back then! Joe Dirt had nothin on my mullet :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A New Song

Macie loves to sing, she makes up all of these cute little songs that she sings around the house. Her little songs get stuck in my head all day and they make me laugh! The other day I was getting in the shower with her and she noticed that I had not shaved my nether regions in quite some time, TMI I know. She looked at me and said you need to shave, I said something about not having time to shave. She proceeded to sing me a song....
"Shave your pee pee, shave your hairy pee pee....
shave your pee pee, your hairy hairy pee pee
sha-a-a-a-a-a-a-ve yo-o-o-our pep pep pep pep pepeeeeee!"
It is becoming a hit in our home. You should here it LIVE it is amazing!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter Day Drama!

So I had one of my favorite clients ask if I could get a duck for a session we were doing over easter weekend. Oddly enough, I have a fabulous friend that does an amazing easter party full of baby duck, chicks and bunnies. So I barrowed the duck from her, my kids grew completely attached to the cuter little thing (kase sleep with her all night) In the morning the kids got excited about their easter baskets and she accidentally got stepped on. Macie brought her in to me and she was lookin like her little neck was broke. We set her down and she fell over and started freakin out. I picked her up and I lost it. I bawled for a good 20 mins, I bawled so hard that it scared the kids and they both started crying. Justin finally had to take the duck away from me becuase he thought I was having a mental break down!!!

I know I am an overly emotional person, but the lack of sleep and being sick had completely wiped me out! The duck was fine and these were actually taken after all the drama. I seriously need more sleep :)