Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to school....

Kase has been wanting sooo badly to go back to school, he loves it there! Here are the funny things he said about it.
I hope my teacher doesn't speak Spanish, I don't understand Spanish.
When I asked him how his teach was, He said

My teacher is from the place you speak french...
you mean France?
yeah France.
when did she come to the states?
(she isn't even from France)

First Day Pics

He was sooo tired, we had gone swimming for our last day of summer and got home later then we should have....

Poor kid and his huge teeth, he will grow into them right?

New Shoes
His class room...yep in the trailer (the school is only 2 yrs old...weird!)

Look at how tired he looks....crap I feel bad!

I thought I would have the hardest time with her going but, it was a fight all morning to get anything done that by the time we got to school I was soo relieved. I feel bad about that but she is being especially hard lately and we butt heads all day long!!! School will be good for her!
Here's the funny things she said about school...
My teacher says I have to practice exercising, so i ran around the house.
You have to buy me exercising shoes, so i can practice exercising, so i can get good.

Mom when you get home you have to put Bailey (baby) in my bed, she needs to sleep. don't forget her blanket. I love you Mom have a greeeeeeeat day!

Yes we are still in the Paris Hilton Posing and hate it all in one!

The "midgy" toilet, we had to take a pic on it!

Her name tag...dont wanna lose her

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Crush

Kase was telling me how badly he hated wearing a suit awhile ago, I told him that when he got older and his girlfriend saw him in a suit she would love it. Kase told me that he should get dressed up in his suit to go see his "friend" Aydia. From there he decided that he needed to bring her something....

A Rose and A Ring

Then there was talk of other friends coming so he wouldn't feel so shy

then we found out that Aydias Birthday was 3 weeks away.


He planned it all out, talked to his friends and on Friday he got all dressed ...picked his clothes out by himself...asked me to pick up some roses, found a box for the ring, called his friends and headed over to her house.....Seriously the boy is a charmer!His support system

He is practicing how he is going to give her the ring...very romantic Kaser!

The Ring The Walk

the Girl

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New ones of us

Its been a long time since we have done pictures. We never seem to be in the mood but after a weeks vacation and time spent together I was wanting to capture us. I really love the way these turned out, when I look at them I keep thinking how it feels we are getting a fresh start, that doors are opening up for us, and that big changes are coming.
I took hundreds of pictures in these lil Idaho towns by Bear Lake! I love these locations, seriously there is sooo much character in the old towns! I have alot more to post but I have to edit them first ....uggg!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Birthday Party-Larsens in Wonderland

Feeeeeew! I am very glad this is over. I would love to have endless amounts of money to hire people to carry out my crazy ideas!! Then I would be sooo tired after it was done. We had a ton of kids this insane amount of kids! It was sooo much fun!