Sunday, July 29, 2007

Have you ever....

This is something my younger sister and I find absolutely hilarious...
You go to grab a box of condoms and you walk around the store looking for a the sad little victim that has walked away from their cart and you ditch the condoms in their cart. I don't know why it is sooo funny but every time we do it we laugh and laugh and laugh. The funny part is not when you dump off the condom it's how you think they will react to it once they find the condoms! It is one of the funniest little pranks I have done in a long time!

and some more from my kiddos...

I think what it is so hard, is that I have this expectation of how I want these pictures to turn out, when my kids don't cooperate it makes me irritated. I think that it why taking picture of my own kids is ten times harder then other people. I know that if I just sat them down and watched and waited I would get great shots of them just being them! I tried again after the first little session and these turned out better then I was still a little irritating but i got the shot I am going to print on canvas!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Are my kids the only ones that suck at pictures?

I sware it is not this hard when I do regular sessions, I end up livid almost every time I try to take their pictures. I realized that is has been almost a year since I have done a photo sessions with my own little people and I remember why now. I filled up 2...yes 2 of my memory cards...that is over 1000 pictures and yes I think I might have gotten a couple that I can use......grrrrr. Macie is beginning to be very challenging to take pictures...she has invented the little head tilt and no matter how I pose her as soon as I say smile her head tilts. It works in some pictures but not for what I was looking for! I ended up just having them look serious to avoid the tilt all together!
I do really love this one of them...he is such the protector of her.

When I showed Kase this one he said "ohhh Mom DO NOT show any of my friends this picture!"

See the infamous head tilt!

Out of all the pics I took, I might use this one for the canvas shot...up just one!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Have you been Simpsonized?

Check us all out!


New Blog...

Woooo! Same look just different address. I just really need some privacy from a couple of enemies I have made...don't ask you don't want to know.

Ok here are the rules of the new blog....I sent out 40 differnt emails that means I have 40 stalkers....yeah so you have to post comments every once in a while...seriously I don't care if I don't know you, just post paaaaalease! Thats it... thank you for the support and kind words lately. It is weird how a random group of srangers can give me more support then I ever expected :) thanks!