Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LEGO party!! ~Kase turns 9

So this has been in the works for two years. I pretty much had it planned out last yr but the preggo sickness got the best of me. This yr I luckily wasn't sick YET so the party went off with out a hitch...(hehe did you catch that? I am in denial and not talking about being knocked up again...more on that later )
The Birthday Boy :)

The table set up

Place mats are Lego boards, that they used to build on after they ate.

Lego Pizza

One of the prizes. J made these and they are were so cute! I think he could sell them...he made a bigger version of it too...that is where all of Kases Lego's are stored.

Thank you them at Ikea...I use these suckers for everything...just happens they work perfectly for the thank yous! I*heart* Ikea!

The buckets of Legos....yes we had BUCKETS of them!

The games....(I found the ideas online)#1Each kid had a card under their plate that said Build something....they were all different, something that floats, flies, doesn't exist. The kids voted on it after and the winner got a prize.

#2Guess how many Legos were in a jar. The winner took the legos home

#3 Tallest fastest tower builder

Then they just built stuff...seriously the calmest party we have done I loved it!

The cake...FYI I am not a CAKE person. This is the part I stress over the most. Oh how I wish I could find someone to hire to do the cake every year :) seriously I have crafty friends doesn't ONE of you do cakes?

The mess (did anyones kid poop bright colors? there was a ton of food coloring in the cake)
I was happy with the results and now I am stumped for next yr! :(


Rachel said...

It looks awesome! Your parties always are! Next year, whether you are still there or in Texas, I will come and we can practice our cake making and start planning our new business, cause we would rock! Happy Birthday Kase!

Mitzi said...

Looks like an awesome party! Did you say you are prego again?

Demarcus Family said...

The party is fabulous! Also.. yes, you can sell those lego boxes! I want one :)

Stephanie said...

Congrats on being pregnant again.I know you are in denial but since Mckai (sp?) is so much younger than the other 2 it will be so fun for him to have a buddy.Emily and Rodney are 18mths apart and the first yr was hard but they are bf now. I love it!

Very cute party! I do cakes wish you lived closer :)We could trade cakes for pictures :)

stace said...

what?? another baby!! You are going to be one busy chica!! Very exciting though.

Cute party. You always throw great parties for your kids. I am too cheap most of the time :).

Meegan said...

KELLIE! CONGRATS! No surprise that you pulled off an amazing party. And it will be no surprise when you rock a 4th child!!! Hello super mom! ;)

The Jensen's said...

That is the best paty ide a for a boy! Our boys would love aparty like that Care if we steal your Idea? Oh nad Nicka nd aI say Congrads on baby #4 after 3 you can handle 20 it will be a breeze for you !

shanon said...

The lego party looked so fun. But WHAT!!!!! your pregnant...Wow that was fast you little bunny. Well congrats on the baby and so sorry for that morning sickness. Hope your doing okay. Plus if you are still here next year I know two people that make cakes.

Michelle said...

UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE! That party seriously was no joke. Totally work all of the hard work.

Jod Jas Curtis said...

You are a FABULOUS 'Knocked up' lady! Amazing party, surprised?- NO NEVER, you always come up with the most creative fun parties for kiddos. :)
Hopefully my pups didn't snatch too much of Kase's Lego cake & leave you colorful surprises!
Miss you - loves

Jill said...

adorable. the party....and you!

austin and cherisse said...

hey slut how are you!