Friday, February 21, 2014

Kambrie @ 3

She needs to pee on the potty just to get out of her car seat
I love you so much you have no idea!
Your the best
Tells everyone they have a cute bum

Is a ray of sunshine, she so sweet, mischievous and stubborn.

Has an under-bite
Still an animal lover

 Has started to potty train

Happiest little baby unless she is hungry or tired or in big trouble

Says WEEEEEEE when we go down a hill

Has a huge grin when you wake her up in the morning

Loves Dora and even speaks some Spanish
 Loves to be outside, loves life

Can stay in the bath for hrs if you let her

Loves the ocean and is a great traveler

Size 4T and Size 10 shoes

is a nose picker
Prettiest golden brown eyes
Really likes to draw but usually ends up making me draw animals for her
Is always singing and dancing around the house
Favorite Foods
Raspberries, quesadilla, noodles, fries

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